About Me

When I first started this blog, my main purpose was to get my stuff out there. It thrilled me that people read what I wrote, and it’s one of the reasons I kept posting no matter how dreary or ‘shitty’ the subject.

After two years, I look back and can’t help but be surprised at how much the blog has grown. I try to aim for two posts per month and usually keep the streak till three to four months later, when I inevitably get into one of my moods and stop writing for a short period.

Anifiction started out as an Anime blog. But similar to how water shapes mountains, canyons, and caves, my interests have shifted with the tide of time. It’s partly the result of turning twenty; I’m fearful of the years ahead and the hardships to come.

But when I read this again several days, months, or years down the line, I’d like to remind myself that life is not a race. Keep writing, gaming, learning, because no matter how small the step, you’re inching towards to the future you desire.

[Updated on 12/12/2017]


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