Highway Blossoms – We’ve struck gold with this one!

Highway Blossoms.png

Highway Blossoms went above and beyond what I expected from a Visual Novel, I’m extremely glad I took the time to play this gem of a game.Story wise, the game is rather short. But that can be attributed to the fact that I read pretty fast, so clocking in about 4 hours instead of the stated 6 hours was unsurprising to me. Despite being shorter than most games or visual novels than I’m used to, there was never a fleeting thought that Highway Blossoms wasn’t worth its price. I would gladly shell out another ten bucks if someone asked me to!


Amber on the left, Marina on the right.

One thing I liked about the writing in general was how trim it was. There’s almost no filler throughout the entire story and I can appreciate a game that tells a simple, great story rather than just dragging on for no particular reason but to increase your playtime.

The other thing I liked was the humor, the dialogue between characters getting a fair amount of laughs from me throughout the entirety of the story. The interactions between Marina and Amber – the main couple – made me squee with delight numerous times because of how cute acted around one another. They compliment each other well and Highway Blossoms gives us a fair amount of character development that some more expensive games can fail to do.

Art and Music

Some side characters.png
The hilarious supporting characters.

Art-wise, the game is flawless. CG’s and backgrounds are superb on my monitor and the words in the text box are easy to read and easy on the eyes. Character sprites  do occasionally move and I love how subtle and effective it was in trying to make everything more lifelike. Masterful programming. There is no bugs, as far as I can tell, which makes it the icing on top of the cake.

I also loved Highway Blossom’s soundtrack. The game makes good use of its music and silence. There are stretches of story that have no music at all – which makes the seriousness of the current scene pack a heavier punch. All the music throughout the game do their job splendidly, different tracks giving rise to different moods and doing it well be it injecting anxiousness or excitement into whatever scene that was playing out.

Overall, I think that Highway Blossoms is a quality VN. For it’s length and quality of the content, the asking price is more than fair. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this if I was a yuri fan (viva la yuri) or a avid VN reader.


Shut up and take my money!


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