Mob Psycho 100 – Salt splash!

Mob Psycho 100.png

I can see why this anime attracted such a following! It has an interesting premise, fun characters, and is from the creator of the cult hit One Punch Man. I’m unsurprised at how well received it was – I would actually be surprised if it wasn’t. Continue reading “Mob Psycho 100 – Salt splash!”


Paprika – A thoughtful afterword


Paprika is the type of movie most people would watch and go, “…huh?” It seems like a messy and convoluted movie at first glance, with bright colors and scenes that make less and less sense as the story trudges forward. But if one dares to peer into the eye of the storm, what they would find is ultimately – a layered but masterfully crafted story. Continue reading “Paprika – A thoughtful afterword”