Why you should read: Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei, the alien who will destroy the earth and your feels

Assassination Classroom is one of the best manga I’ve ever read. When you read the summary, the premise itself seems absurd. Is absurd. But the execution is brilliant and tells a story I never knew I wanted. I mean, an all-powerful alien that can destroy the earth becoming a teacher for a class full of misfits? Who thinks this stuff up?

In response to my skepticism, the universe delivers– giving my initial doubts a huge stinking finger in the process– because when you start reading Assassination Classroom, you realize that this manga is pretty damn awesome.


Story wise, Assassination classroom is unmatched. While there were several ‘filler’ chapters those were few and far between. I would even go as far as to say that 95% of the manga is dedicated to plot building, character progression and such as such. Something I found really interesting about the story is the fact that the reader already knows what the ending will be. In the first few chapters of the manga, it is plainly stated that Koro-sensei will be killed.

The beauty of the story is that despite this, you can’t help but want to continue reading. I binge read this manga, finishing it in one night. I’m the sort of person that can’t help myself and things that captivates me can hold my attention until the very end. Assassination classroom does just that! Most of the arcs revolve around Koro-sensei helping his students overcome adversity but there is also a fair amount of intense, action filled ones that involve hitmen, parents and even the freaking army.

The manga also occasionally spoons out dollops of sage advice, especially in the last few chapters. I found myself agreeing with Koro-sensei more than once, and while I don’t have life experience in spades – I believe that the things said are pretty darn relatable. Even with the light-hearted atmosphere the manga doesn’t sugar-coat the advice it dishes out. Another reason to add to the list of ‘What makes Assassination Classroom amazing’.


Now onto the characters.

The story is great but the characters are even better. I find that most manga fall flat when they have a large cast of characters but Assassination Classroom does not. The students are all developed and what’s amazing is that the development is actually shown. There’s no ‘off-screen’ development so to speak and exposition is rarely used, and this legitimately surprises and impresses me because of how well-thought out the whole thing seems.

I won’t be talking about the main characters since doing so will spoil the manga, its best if one reads it to find out for themselves. All I can say, is that character progression is stellar and well executed. And besides, this manga is infinitely more enjoyable when you go into it blind!

Overall, this manga should be on the top of your to-read list. Assassination Classroom also has an anime, so you can check that out if you prefer anime over manga. From what I hear, the anime is also pretty damn good and stays loyal to the manga, so I doubt that you’ll have any problems there.



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