Witch Craft Works – Witches with pointy hats


Witch Craft Works came out sometime in 2014 and most people would’ve forgotten it by now. Funnily enough, I stumbled onto it while I was browsing through MyAnimeList (Abbreviated as MAL) and realised that it had once been on my ‘to watch’ list before I got sidetracked. Since I didn’t really feel like watching anything too plot-heavy, WCW pretty much fit the bill on the type of anime I was looking for. 

As the name implies, Witch Craft Works is about witches. The type that wears pointy top hats, robes and fly on brooms. Despite this, the show is set in modern Japan and I think it was that aspect that made it quite appealing to me. There are plenty of shows about witches, like say Madoka Magica, but they’re not really based on the traditional sort of witches.

It is damn near obvious that the show had a lot of potential. The plot was decent and the fights were reasonably cool. I breezed through the first few episodes very quickly. It also helped that the opening and ending is catchy as hell!


Unfortunately, the show begins to lose its traction as it inches towards the end, and I stopped watching at the point, my interest having disappeared at the 8th episode or so. After a while, the show devolves into the typical shonen-ish stereotype which is a darn shame because it loses what it is going for it and turns into your run of the mill boy-becomes-gary-stu centric story. Character development is also non-existent and superficial, and while I wasn’t really bothered by it, others might be.

If you can overlook those flaws and enjoy Witch Craft Works for what it is, I believe that you’ll like it. This anime has… a lot of personality. What makes it fun is how unique and over the top it can be. If you have the time, this anime is definitely worth checking out.


Logically unsound, but still a fun watch



    • Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough will to stick around, but on the bright side, the manga is being regularly updated so I’ll give that a try!

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