HuniePop – Wait, seriously?

HuniepopHuniePop is one of the more…questionable games I picked up during the Steam Summer sale.As an enthusiast of anime and most things Japan, the distinctly anime-ish art style for this game is what caught my eye all those months ago when I was browsing through the store. Back then, I wasn’t all too interested in the game but when I saw it going for $3.15 during the sale, my first thought was “Eh, what the heck? I’ll try it.”

And so, here I am now, having sunk 16 20 hours into the game and still going strong, despite the fact that I already completed the main story. Trust me, there is no one more surprised about this than I am.

Also, there is a ‘Yuri’ mode where you can play as a female.

HuniePop sells itself as part dating sim, part puzzle game. When you go on ‘dates’ with the large and varied cast of women (yes, women. Surprisingly, all of the characters are 18 and up) you play a mini-game that harks back to the game Bejewelled. By performing enough combos – the meter gets filled and your date will end successfully. HuniePop’s gameplay is surprisingly addicting, but truth be told, it can get repetitive after a while.

However, the catch is that with every completed date, the difficulty level rises. Once you realize that mindlessly playing the mini-game isn’t going to cut it anymore, you will find yourself strategizing in how to get larger and better combos to fill the meter before your 20 moves run out. The game also gives you buffs in the form of gifts – when wooing your prospective waifu, you can buy her things that she likes and in turn, you will receive ‘gifts’. These ‘gifts’ have varying effects, like for example getting extra moves. How you use these buffs will either raise or lower your chances at completing dates, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game.

Story-wise, HuniePop is somewhat clichéd. I won’t go into much about this as too much would be treading into spoiler territory, but I can say that the story is not about you. But rather, the women that you date, and eventually, sleep with. Some of the characters feel like stereotypes ripped straight out of a TV-tropes page, but superb voice acting and funny dialogue makes this fact more of a positive thing than a negative one.

fav girl.png
Audrey Belrose, one of my favourite characters.

The voice acting is hilarious. There are plenty of references to internet jokes, and add in spot on character voicing into the mix-  you will find yourself laughing out loud when playing. There were many times where I had to stop myself from laughing too much lest I bust a gut. Even though the characters in the game are pretty much stereotypes, they have a lot of personality.

HuniePop doesn’t take itself too seriously, and knows why you’re playing it. You’re not playing the game for some deep, philosophical story, or even for the puzzle aspects of it. You’re there because the women are gorgeous, and because you want something pretty to wank off to. Ahem, pardon my French.

Overall, HuniePop is a pretty great game. It might not be the best game, nor the most intellectually challenging game, but it is fun. And ultimately, that is what matters.

Well…that and the pretty women. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


 For all those lonely anime fans on prom night.


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