Log Horizon (S1) – Enchanters, Tanks, Assassins

log.pngLog Horizon is an anime where the players of a MMORPG, Elder Tale, find themselves waking up as their in-game avatars. While the summary might have some fans thinking of a certain 2011 anime, it’s better to enter this show without any preconceived notions. This show is extremely well done, and gives the ‘trapped in a game’ storyline its own unique twist.  Continue reading “Log Horizon (S1) – Enchanters, Tanks, Assassins”


Ping Pong The Animation – Searching for a Hero

Ping Pong.png

Right out of the gate, this anime art and animation style has separated viewers into two camps; those who hate it, and those who put up with it. It goes without saying that the ones who hate it will not watch the show – but, if you’re someone in the second camp, looking for a reason to invest your time into Ping Pong the Animation, I’ll try my best to highlight how gosh darn good this show is. Continue reading “Ping Pong The Animation – Searching for a Hero”