Starlight Vega – Girl’s love still reigns supreme

Starlight vega.png

So I was browsing the steam store page yesterday, and found this gem of a game. 2016 is proving to be a fantastic year for Yuri visual novels, what with Kindred Spirits on the Roof releasing earlier this year, and now, with Starlight Vega. I’m getting horribly spoiled with so many polished and fantastic girl’s love games releasing this year.

Starlight Vega is about a girl named Aria, who moves into her deceased grandfather’s home. After a series of strange events, Aria and her best friend Melody stumble upon an archaic looking study filled with tomes written in an unrecognizable language and other trinkets that give off a creepy vibe. It is in this study that our main protagonist Aria inadvertently releases a demon – a sultry looking one at that, who goes by the name of Lyria.

I won’t spoil the rest of the plot because I think that it’s best experienced first-hand. The characters of Starlight Vega make an otherwise run of the mill story come to life, though the story is certainly nothing to scoff at as well. My expertise in visual novels is virtually non-existent since I don’t play any other than the ones I take a keen interest in, but as far a visual novels go I think that Starlight Vega is pretty awesome.

Best girl.

This is another example of how Kickstarter can help make projects a reality, and while there are many Kickstarter scam stories out there – it’s successful and wonderful projects like this that show me all is not lost.

The art is wonderful, with the two demon females and childhood friend making more than just Aria’s heart flutter. The gorgeous CGs had me just stopping and staring at several points in the game, and had me muttering ‘Damn, Aria is one lucky gal’ under my breath. It won’t be a stretch to say that I fell for them at first sight, and I didn’t, I certainly did later. You know a story is good when it makes you care for its characters. The fact that Razz, the dev responsible for both the story and the art, makes the game even more fucking amazing.

The music is nothing to scoff at either. The soundtrack is always pleasant and nice to listen to. My favourite would have to be the track that plays during the opening menu – I’m constantly stuck between starting the game and just sitting there and listening to the music. Geoff Moore did a brilliant job, can’t wait to see more his work.


I finished the entire game today, I bought the game this afternoon, and the only thing I’m disappointed about is that I’ve finished the darn thing. I want more dammit! For a visual novel, the length is short but the upside is that you’ll be replaying this more than once. As of typing this, I’m actually about to start my fifth play through. I already unlocked all the endings, but Scherza’s route is an absolute joy to read so I’m going to do so. Again.

My god. What a time to be alive.

10/10 – Viva la yuri


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