Murder Princess – Soul switching, mindless fun

Murder Princess COVER

I never expected to be pleasantly surprised at the end of six episodes. There is something weirdly enjoyable and interesting about Murder Princess. The anime has a certain vibe that just screams ‘to heck with it’ which the show takes good advantage of as it goes along its merry way.  The strength of this show, I think, is that it knows what it is. I found it easy to take Murder Princess at face value, a fun but flawed romp that lasts spanned for just the perfect amount of episodes.

The show gets a lot of leeway from the viewer based on the number of episodes it has, because honestly – how high would your expectations be ? That may sound bad, but it truly isn’t. Some good anime series have been ruined by ‘hype’ so entering a new show blind is the best way to enjoy it. I feel this was one of the aspects that lent this anime a kind of cult classic status, much like Princess Resurrection,because of how unexpectedly fun it was. The story and characters isn’t that bad, but it isn’t good, either. The plot falls into plenty of traps that are pretty much expected in anime series of any kind, and the plot is riddled with clichés and plot holes.

And yet…I still found it pretty great.

You're the strong one, Milano.

Granted, no one thinks that Murder Princess is the best thing since sliced bread, but almost everyone seems to have fallen in love with it more than they expected to. Just go to the YouTube comment section of the opening for this show, and you’ll see random users bemoaning the fact that it only has six episodes. Despite Murder princess’s obvious faults, the anime plays out in such a way that almost everyone is willing to look the other way. (Including me!)

I could list out the things Murder Princess did badly – like cheesy dialogue and weak characters, or how the tone constantly flip flops between dark and gritty to playful and comedic even when it’s clearly not the appropriate time to do so.

But despite all that, I love this show.

God knows why I do. I can count a handful of anime series that I’ve rewatched ever since I delved into the wonderful world of Anime, and Murder princess is one of them, among my favourites such as Psycho pass, Saki, Hotd and etc. It helps that the show’s short lifespan works for it rather than against it. Six episodes is alarmingly easy to go through, especially if you have an entire day free and decided to marathon it. I doubt that Murder Princess would have been as well remembered if it had twice the number of episodes.

Music wise, the soundtrack is pretty decent in my opinion. It really begins to shine during the battle scenes, or fight scenes, that litter the show. They have a certain pomp to them that spikes your adrenaline and gets you going – even though you are very sure how the fight would play out. For its age, Murder Princess is pretty ‘meh’ and isn’t entirely bad. It has plenty of kickass moments and worthy screenshots, which may or may not be enough to satisfy you, depending on what you’re looking for and what you’re expecting.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for something fun, interesting and short. I guarantee that you’ll be coming back to watch it more than once.

Murder princess

7/10 – Quirky and awesome


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