Kill la Kill – Prepare to get naked y’all

Kill la kill

You can describe Kill La Kill with words like: EPIC, CRAZY and most importantly, FUN!

The anime doesn’t hold back, even in very first episode. From the get go, it completely throws any sort of logic out of the window and doesn’t bother to hide its fanservice-y (Yes I just made that word up) nature while bombarding the viewer with giant explosions, over the top character introductions and nakedness.Yes, you read it correctly. Nakedness.

The first six episodes or so have plenty of fan service, from generous bust and butt shots, with some naked male and female characters thrown in here and there to keep your blood pumping (not like that you perv) but thankfully, it does ease up throughout the course of the show.

Let me just clear any lingering doubts now, because I can assure you that Kill La Kill doesn’t need the fan service to be good. Kill that train of thought now, because focusing on that aspect of the show will just hinder your ability to enjoy every other thing it does right.

In fact, I would even dare go as far as to say that it makes the anime so much better. It didn’t detract to the quality of the show, but instead added to it. The show is aware of this. It doesn’t hide that fan service behind some thinly veiled bullshit excuse, but flaunts it proudly instead. Some people may not agree with me, but it’s safe to say that if you dislike ecchi or fan servicing – Kill La Kill is not for you.


Continuing on, the pacing and plot build-up is pretty decent, and while it seems like filler – it is not utterly pointless. The ball doesn’t get rolling until you’ve reached the twelve episode or so, but until then, it slowly introduces you to its main and side characters.

The characters in the anime don’t merely exist for the sake of existing, this applies to its supporting cast as well, because almost all of them offer something to the show in terms of comedic relief, character growth and plot development. Kill La Kill does a great job of making you fall in love with them.

Yes, they are built upon the tropes that anime fans are familiar of, but they eventually break out of their moulds and become something else entirely.

Each and every one of them has something driving them and while it can be something as simple as revenge or loyalty, the anime pulls it off so unbelievably well. I really liked this aspect about Kill La Kill, they show all these backstories in such a way that the viewers have fun. It’s not about the exposition, it’s about having fun.

You’re not just watching these stories for the sake of filling in the plot holes that you’re made aware of as the anime goes along, you’re discovering how these characters became who they were, how they ended up at Honnouji academy or why they’re serving a ‘dictator’ like Kiryuin Satsuki.

Speaking of characters, the best and most interesting character to ever grace my screen would be Mako Makanshoku. She has wormed her way into my heart by the end of this anime, and it’s unlikely that I will ever forget her even as I work my way through other animes series.


Compared to Mako however, some of the other characters like Matoi Ryuko fall flat. That’s not to say that she’s a bad or boring character, because I do like her, but what I mean is that her actions and thought process are pretty predictable compared to the whirlwind that is Makanshoku. Still, she’s a decent main character and I more than enjoy the moments when she’s on screen (which is like 90% of the time) and her dynamic with Mako just makes the show a whole lot lighter, and definitely more enjoyable.

The antagonist(s) of Kill La Kill, who shall not be named, are the perfect Yin to Ryuko’s Yang. To put it simply, they are terrifying. Despite their gaudy looks and ridiculous behaviours, you’ll soon find out that they’re a force to be reckoned with and will literally do anything it takes to succeed in their goals. Trust me on this one, because you will be begging the good guys to win when they make their appearance.


Animation wise, Kill La Kill is really splendid. The fight scenes are like I said, over the top, and are extremely flashy with many many colourful explosions as well as interesting character outfits. I’m sure you’ve seen Ryuko’s main battle outfit at some point, whose name is Senketsu, and gasped at how revealing at was. If you haven’t then it’s all right. It’ll be much more shocking when you do finally see it. (P.s that’s a good thing :D)

Though the anime does favour female nudity, but there is plenty of male nudity as well. I liked the fact that the show doesn’t discriminate the genders, and I promise you that whether male or female – they’ll end up naked at some point anyways, so don’t worry.

Oh and I also forgot to mention, but there is a literal organisation in the anime called ‘Nudist Beach’ and if that doesn’t tell you a thing or two about Kill La Kill, then I don’t know what will.

Another thing I loved about this anime was the music. Sweet mother of god, the music. I didn’t like some of the character themes, but most of them ranged from ‘really good’ to ‘freaking awesome’.  As for the openings and endings, I favour the first ending and the second opening because they’re ridiculously addicting and worth listening to for hours.

I heart it

In the end, Kill La Kill was a real treat. I enjoyed it’s over the top action and the characters are just bloody brilliant in my opinion, and I kind of regret how I didn’t watch it earlier since I found out it was also produced by the same director who’d made Gurren Lagan. I didn’t like GL too much, but surprisingly enough, I thoroughly enjoyed Kill la Kill. This one is definitely going on my favourites list. And who knows? It might even be on yours.

Overall score: 9/10

Personal enjoyment: 10/10


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