Persona 3 Movie 2 : Midsummer Knight’s Dream


I would like to open this review by saying that I have played Persona 3 portable but I will review this movie not as a fan, but as a person who has no prior knowledge of the game whatsoever save for watching the first movie. I understand that some fans have a love/hate relationship for these movies and I do as well, but I think the main purpose of the 3 movies is to introduce others into the Persona franchise. With that said, let us proceed! Continue reading “Persona 3 Movie 2 : Midsummer Knight’s Dream”


The Legend of Legacy (3DS) – So many dungeons. So wow!


I’m always excited about playing Atlus games, especially those that sell themselves on having exploration and adventure. One reason is that I might have been spoiled by Legends of the Titan (Another game with ‘legend’ in it’s name. Coincidence?) and the Persona series. 2015 was a great year for 3DS games in my humble opinion, and though I did not pick up the latest installments of the Etrian Odyssey franchise such as the Untold: The Fafnir Knight or Etrian mystery dungeon, I did however, do myself a favor and picked up The Legend of Legacy instead! Continue reading “The Legend of Legacy (3DS) – So many dungeons. So wow!”

Kill la Kill – Prepare to get naked y’all

Kill la kill

You can describe Kill La Kill with words like: EPIC, CRAZY and most importantly, FUN!

The anime doesn’t hold back, even in very first episode. From the get go, it completely throws any sort of logic out of the window and doesn’t bother to hide its fanservice-y (Yes I just made that word up) nature while bombarding the viewer with giant explosions, over the top character introductions and nakedness. Continue reading “Kill la Kill – Prepare to get naked y’all”